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Thursday, May 03, 2012


 Yes, cooking is my hobby... I like to browse recipes in the web especially from YouTube and then do the 'trial & error' cooking whenever I have time. But this time, I want to do an experimental way of cooking: Cooking with Rice Cooker. No, it's not a porridge or soup! With rice cooker you can make almost any dish, because it works the same way like electronic stove does.... The dish I'm going to make now is "Soft Tacos with Chili", and it is very simple to do! ;D


1. Put some flours into a bowl

2. Add salt

3. And baking powder

4. Then add butter. The original recipe suggests the use of white butter, but here I use the ordinary yellow butter. The result in taste is still good, but the color of the tacos of course would be yellow. Make sure the butter is frozen so the it would not be lumpy when you mix it with flour.

5. If the butter and the flour has mixed well, pour in warm water

6. Knead the dough, and then let it sit for 15-20 minutes.
Cover the batter with kitchen towel or you can use plate like I did here.

7. Spread flour on the surface of cutting mat before you work the dough.

8.  Cut off the dough to make several balls at the size of 1 inch each, then start rolling to make them thin.

9.  Place the rolled taco dough inside the rice cooker.

10. Turn on the rice cooker and set it into cooking mode.
Allow it to cook until it begins to puff up with air pockets, Each side should cook about 5 minutes (Or more, according to the heat of the rice cooker)


1. Heat up the rice cooker by setting it into cooking mode

2. Melt the butter and start to stir in the beans. I used canned beans that is already in tomato sauce. If you use canned beans in water, strain the beans. And add tomato sauce or paste afterward.

3. Add ground cumin

4. Add garlic powder to taste

5. Add Barbecue sauce

6. Add flour mixture with water into the chili. Let it boiled until thickened.

7. Place the chili in the middle of the taco, add chunks of cheddar cheese.

8. Fold it like this, and just enjoy!!! ;D

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