Dulux Let's Color Goes to JOGJA (part 1)

Friday, May 11, 2012

Dulux Let's Color is a TV Show sponsored by Dulux, a global leading wall paint brand. The aim of this show is to share inspiring interior and architectures, so it would drives people to be brave in decorating and redecorating their house. Well, it is such an honor for me having an opportunity to be the host of this show... :)

Me & my partner, Shafira, as the host of the show

Yogyakarta is a city that renowned as the heart of Javanese culture. There are a lot of inspiring Architecture and Interior in Yogyakarta that we would love to share to viewers. We visited several places in Yogyakarta, but now I just want to share two places first: Indische Koffie and Phoenix Hotel. The episode that talks about these two places itself have already aired at 6th of May, 2012.


Situated inside the complex of Vredeburg Fortress Museum at the end of Malioboro street, Yogyakarta, Indische Koffie is a cafe which offers an atmosphere of an old Dutch colonial or known as 'Tempo Dulu' (old times) to the guests. After being tired walking around Vredeburg fortress to know deeper about the history of Yogyakarta, we can then relax in a room that used to be the barracks of Dutch soldiers in the colonial era, and Exhibition Hall after the independence, now the room has been transformed into a very cozy cafe.

The opening scene at the entering gate of Vredeburg Fort Museum

For the interior of the Cafe, not many change applied to the building. The main reason is that the building is one of the heritage buildings in Yogyakarta that should not be renovated (repairing only). Colonial style of the interior elements are a distinctive advantage for Indische Koffie that offers a concept of 'tempo dulu'. The addition of wooden elements are simply done on the columns, as well as some old-fashioned lamps and chandeliers are hung on the ceiling. However the addition of these new interior elements still in line with the existing style. And also with the shelves, tables, and chairs are colonial-themed. Talking about the color of the wall, they still remained to the original, which is off-white, as well as the color of the sills also remained gray. 

When we come to this cafe during the day, it would feels more laid back and casual. The tables are not coated with tablecloths, but only piece of batik used as a place mat. But when it comes to the evening or night, the ambience instantly transforms to be more formal. This is caused by the use of white tablecloths on the dining table. And with the lighting from the chandeliers that provides yellowish light, they bring dimly romantic impression.

The signs at the exterior of Indische Koffie, very classic.

Left: An old-fashioned ice grinder with a barista preparing drinks as the background
Right: Shafira was going to interviewed Mrs. Evi, the owner of Indische Koffie 

Nearly dawn, some of the lamps were turned on. I can feel the romantic vibes already.

Me, posing at the front door of Indische Koffie

The 'Tempo Dulu' ambience not only appears on the ambience of the interior. To me, the food also have a sense of tempo dulu. I call it that way, because even though the food presentation is modern, the distinctive spices of the archipelago boldly felt on the tongue. Look at these two dishes, among several other menu that served by Ms. Evi to us below. Looks very much like the food in the modern cafes aren't they? For lunch, Indische Koffie serves a menu of grilled chicken with potato gratin and stir fry spinach as the condiments. It was very exotic, rich with spices. One more thing, I'm so sure that the chef at this place is very skillful. He knows exactly how to grill chicken: Golden crispy at the skin, but juicy inside! For the dessert is something like fruit coctail, the water reminds me with the taste of Indonesian beverage called 'Setup'. The dominant flavor in the water is cinnamon. While the fruits used there is Dragon fruit, melon, papaya, strawberry, and mango. A very suitable cold beverage in a steamy hot weather in Yogyakarta such at that time.


Located in the heart of Yogyakarta near the popular Malioboro district, Phoenix Hotel Yogyakarta, is a colonial landmark dating back to 1918. Javanese, Chinese and European decor blend in at this hotel that used to be a house owned by a rich chinese merchant from Semarang. At 1930, the house was rent to a Dutch and then became a hotel named Splendid. When Japan occupied Indonesia, at 1942 the hotel's name changed into Yamato. After the independence, then the hotel belongs to the country. After renovation at 1993, the hotel's name officially changed into Hotel Phoenix Heritage. And then under the management of Accor Group since 2003, at March 2009 it's name become The Phoenix Yogyakarta.

The hotel's lobby area is situated inside a heritage building. So they may not do any changes. They name this old building as 'Phoenix 1' to differentiate with the recent one, Phoenix 2. Phoenix 1 includes the lobby area, museum lounge, restaurant area, and terrace cafe. The most interesting part at Phoenix 1 is the museum lounge. The ambient there is very homy, no wonder because the room used to be the living room of the house. Plus, the furnitures and interior elements is remained from the original property.

This is the museum lounge at Phoenix hotel. Most of the interior elements and furnitures
are the original property of the house before it is used as a hotel

Left: One thing that I like from this museum lounge is the green ceramic tiles
Right: The hotel's lobby. Very luxurious. 

Interior of the hotel's room

Me, posing in front of Phoenix Hotel's vintage Mercedez-Benz (In the show, I drove it as a gimmick! )

From left to right: Nina Desilina (producer), Shafira, and Ria Fitriani (line producer) posing at the lobby of Phoenix Hotel

LeftThe Phoenix Hotel Lobby
Photo by: holidaycheck.com

Right: Pre-function hall at The Phoenix Hotel, the colonial-themed interior
is enriched by the mixture of javanese and oriental elements
Photo by: asiacollectiontur.net

Left: The lighting that casted onto the building brings a very romantic ambience.
Very inviting to swim at night!  
Photo by: kaskus.us

Right: Corridor that connects Phoenix 1 (the old building) with Phoenix 2
Photo by: mymotels.com

Okay, that's all I want to share right now. Just wait up for my next post about other inspiring interior and architecture.... till then... always colour your life with Dulux Let's Colour! :D

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