Dulux Let's Color Goes to JOGJA (part 2-end)

Monday, July 23, 2012

Hi! Sorry for the delay in posting this second part of the post. Well, the hardest part in maintaining a blog is to keep the mood for writing. But, better late than nothing, right? ;) So now I'm going to tell the rest of the story when Dulux Let's Color team went to Jogja to cover several places that has inspiring architecture or interior. On this part, there are three places that I'm going to talk on. They are d'Omah, D-Bodhi, and Sangam House.


d'Omah is a very unique hotel. The ambience and atmosphere is really different here. They offer a stay with an authentic javanese village feel. d’Omah was formerly Warwick Purser’s family compound located at Tembi Village, Bantul, Yogyakarta.  Tembi village itself was just a typical Javanese village until Indonesia's handicraft guru Warwick Purser decided to move there and establish the design.

Warwick bought several houses in Tembi, and with some renovations he made the houses as the hotel room. There are four large residences at d'Omah. They are Rumah Joglo, Rumah Pendopo, Rumah Camat, and Rumah Demang. In front of every house type has its own semi-private swimming pool that fed by natural spring water. Me and the rest of the team stay at Rumah Demang house.

Semi-private pool in front of our room

The room has a batik wallpaper 

In the middle is Mr.Warwick Purser

My favorite spot in d'Omah is the lobby area. It has a contemporary feel that mixing javanese culture with modernity. The combination of vivid blue of the wall and the natural brown color of the wood is really stunning!


Furniture is an important element of interior design. That's why when we visit Jogja, we stop by at this furniture workshop that has a global SUSTAINABLE furniture concept which is all about using resources in the most efficient way to produce and transform recycled materials into beautiful furnishings for the home. dBodhi are committed to reducing their Carbon Emissions with the launch of Footprint and giving back by planting trees for the Trees-4-Trees program.

Some products of D'Bodhi at their workshop

Going crazy after shooting at D'Bodhi

Sangam House

Sangam house is more than just an ordinary Indian restaurant in Yogyakarta. It also has a boutique, Yoga studio, and an art space. The owner of the place, Jean Pascal, said that the idea of establishing an Indian restaurant in Yogya, is that Yogyakarta (Java) and India has a close connection in ancient history.

Talking about the interior of this restaurant, it has a very bright and vivid color on its walls. Each room reflects different city in India as the theme, such as Mumbai, Rajasthan, etc. They also use an authentic Indian ornaments and decorations from the particular city. But for the chair, they use colonial woven-rattan chair that is commonly used in Java. The using of this chair is to reaffirmed the whole concept of the place: The connection between India and Java. 

The interior of Sangam House with its bright and vivid wall paint

In the middle is Jean-Pascal, the owner of Sangam House

Sangam House was our last stop that ends our visit in Yogya. Now I'm not only understand why Yogya is well-knowned as the heart of Javanese culture, but I also learn that Yogya has a charm that attracts other art and culture to blossom in this city and makes a dialogue with local culture.

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