The Plan-B Trip (Part 4-end)

Monday, August 20, 2012

Day 4:

This was the last day of our trip. We planned to go to Marina Bay area to see the landmark of Singapore, the Merlion statue. Beside the Merlion park, there is Esplanade theatre and some high rise buildings that are also interesting to take picture in front of it. But unfortunately it was raining. Since the place that we were going to visit is an open space, then we had to cancel our plan. Then we decided to spend the day around Orchard. Though we lived in Orchard, we hadn't really spent our time there. Since we have our own plan and choice of shops that we want to see, then we split in two groups: Chika and I; Rani & Nene.
Rainy Day at Orchard

Chika and I went through from one shopping centre to another, but the shop I really wanted to visit in Orchard was only H&M. H&M opened their first store in Singapore at 2011, so this brand was quite new there. H&M is a fashion brand from Sweden that offers fashion and quality at the best price. Yeah, the last thing is my favorite, best price! Well, somehow I wonder why men's apparel is always more expensive than girls'. So when I found good items with good price, then it's time to shop :) While I was in H&M, Sugi came to join us. And like what I had been predicting, he couldn't resist the desire to shop when he looked at the prices there. I've told ya, many-many good things you'll find here. Satisfied with shopping, now we rejoined with Rani and Nene at Lucky Plaza. It's so funny when we met them, they were sitting on the floor like a beggar. Hahaha.... While they were waiting for Chika and I, they said they met a groups of people running that gave them a shoelaces for Nike's promotional purpose. A very unique way to promote a brand.

Group of runners that actually was doing a promotional activity
Beggars with shopping bags? Nice (try) camouflage...

We didn't really have much time left that day because we have to catch our flight back to Jakarta. Thanks again to Brad with his kindness, he wants to drive us to Changi. So we didn't have to hire a cab or using MRT to get there. With the addition of our recent shopping bags, it means we have to repack  our luggage. Brad already there to picked us up, so we had to be hurry to the apartment and took all of our belongings. Still there a little time to spend, Brad asked what food we haven't tried in Singapore. Well, we don't really know what is Singapore's speciality besides Chicken Rice.Then Brad suggested us to try "Ikan Pari Sambal" or Stingray in Chili Sauce in Newton food centre. Hmm... I think it sounds Yumm!

Newton food centre is a major food centre located in Newton, Singapore. The food centre was promoted by the Singapore Tourism Board as a tourist attraction for sampling Singaporean cuisine. It was first opened in 1971, but had been closed down in 2005 as the government wanted to revamp this food centre. The food centre we went was the newly-built one that follows the design elements from the nearby old colonial houses with white, black and brown as the color scheme. But unfortunately the restaurant that Brad usually order Ikan Pari Sambal was not open, so he order it from another counter. He said that the taste was not as good as he usually have, but for me it tasted great though. That was the first time for me trying this kind of food. The stingray was grilled, and topped with chili sauce that slightly tasted like curry. If Brad didn't recommend this, I would never know if this food is one of Singapore's speciality cuisine. Beside the Ikan Pari Sambal, he also ordered a stir fry squid, crispy squid with sesame,  bok choy (chinese cabbage), and a rice noodle that somehow looked like kway teow. All of them tasted great! :)

The Newton Food Centre
The open space area of the food centre
The newly-built food centre used this colonial houses as the design reference
Chika was ready to finish all the dishes
Ikan Pari Sambal
Everyone seemed happy and satisfied with the food
 Nicely designed wall decoration of Singapore Tourism Board in Newton food centre

From Newton, then it's time for us went to Changi. Since that morning our plan to Merlion statue had to be cancelled due to the rain, we asked Brad to pass the bay area where the Merlion located on the way to Changi. Apparently, the Merlion was being closed down as the renovation process was on going. Lucky we cancelled the plan. Here are some pictures I took on the way to Changi:

People was queueing to cross the street in front of H&M store, Orchard
Singapore Flyer, a giant ferris wheel in Marina Bay area
Marina Bay Floating Stadium was filled with children that was doing rehearsal
 for Singapore's upcoming national day

Arrived in Changi, then Brad and Sugi accompanied us for the check-in process. After everything was settled, then it's time to say goodbye. Thanks to Brad, he was like Singapore's tourism ambassador for us by his warmth and hospitality. See you again Singapore, we really had a great time! :D

From left to right: Brad, Chika, Me and Sugi
From left to right: Nene, Rani, Chika, Me and Sugi

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