FookYew: Provocative Name, Challenging Dishes

Monday, September 24, 2012

You might be giggling at the name of the restaurant in the first time you heard it.  Some others might think it sounds rude. But the way they name it succeeded to provoke me to stop by....

I don't know how many times they have to explain in their social media accounts that their name isn't a bad words. Recently I do some googling and find out that FookYew is actually using two Chinese words: Fú (福) means Good fortune, and You (友) means Friend, which sound nothing like the English bad words when I checked the pronunciation in Google Translate. Well, then I don't blame those who are asking, since I think they made it intentionally to sounds so. ;P

This was my second visit to FookYew. And this time I went there with my best mates that haven't met for a while. By considering the meaning of the restaurant's name, so it's philosophically correct for us to meet up there: "Friendship bring good fortune".

Basically FookYew is a Chinese food restaurant, but they call themselves as "Shanghai Bistro and Bubble Tea Lab". So, beside serving several world's famous Chinese dishes, they also have bubble tea drink as their speciality. But what is so special with their bubble tea? Well, they have alcoholic bubble tea drinks. Can you imagine that? Personally I haven't tried those yet. But I think it is really genuine and genius.

Though the traditional elements are used for the interior decoration, 
bold and vivid colours on its details make the overall look become young and lively


The interior design of this restaurant combines the traditional Chinese ornaments with vibrant colours of pop art and bold graphics. They applied this concept into every details: From chairs, tables, decorations, artworks, menu, to the eating utensils. It makes a distinctive sensation of dining while hanging out with friends.

The smoking area is also very convenient. It is air-conditioned, and located at the semi-outdoor part of the restaurant. The convenience of smoking area is very important to my friends and I, as most of us always smoke when we hang out.

Red birdcages that are used and arranged as hanging lamp
and also bold graphics attached in the wall becomes the signature of FookYew
The semi-outdoor smoking area

The design concept of this restaurant is applied into every single detail.


Based on all the foods I have ever ordered and tasted at FookYew, I think all of them tastes great. As a starter, I would recommend you to try the Fried Beancurd (IDR 33,000): a deep fried silk tofu. I wonder how they can deep fry it as you know that silk tofu is very fragile. This fried beancurd served with sweet and sour chili sauce. But if you wish something more savory, you must not missed this menu: Xiao Long Bao (IDR 48,000) . Even I labelled this dish as a must try in this restaurant. Each piece of them has different tastes and fillings. All of them are very tasty. For the Main course, my favorite is Beef Hor Fun (IDR 52,000). This is something like Beef Kway Teow. I think it is a very nice presentation since they served it in a carton packaging. And, last one, Avocado Pudding with Chocolate Ice Cream (IDR  23,000/ free) is a dessert to accomplish your visit in FookYew. You can get it free by tweeting and mention to "@fook_yew" (different free dessert on each day).

Left: Anggi holds a plate of Fried Beancurd. 
Right: One of my favorite menu at FookYew, Beef Hor Fun
I labelled this Xiao Long Bao as a "Must Try". Different sensations on each piece! ;)

So, this restaurant is highly recommended regarding the foods, and ambient. Very-very nice place to hangout with friends and also as photo spots to take pictures with your friends like these:

Gandaria City Mainstreet GF, Unit MG25.
 Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda 5 No. 8.
Jakarta Selatan-12240
Phone: (021) 29007897
Average spending: 75.000-100.000

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