8 Hours in Kuala Lumpur

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Due to Umrah visa matters that could not be completed on time, it affects a pretty major change on the trip itinerary. Even the departure date was delayed one day from the schedule. It also made us unable to take flight to the holy land from Jakarta, we had to fly from Kuala Lumpur instead. Realizing that the layover time was quite long, we spend it for a brief city tour rather than just sipping Venti-sized Frappuccinos at the airport.

Never thought that I would come back to Malaysia’s capital city that soon. Though this time was only a super short trip, but there were new experiences that weren’t obtained in the previous trip. There's always something that impressed me from the country that was once learned from Indonesia regarding its successful development. Having eight hours to explore the city, we started it with having lunch, then took pictures in front of Petronas twin towers, tasting various chocolate candies in Beryl's Chocolate Kingdom, and ended the trip by visiting Putrajaya. Malaysia’s planned government city. At this particular blog entry, do enjoy my illustrative timeline as a description for the whole trip.

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